EURAXESS TOP III in a nutshell

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EURAXESS TOP III in a nutshell

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this website is written for EURAXESS Network members. I guess you have heard about the TOP III project, otherwise you would probably not be here reading this. (For more information on EURAXESS go to
So you probably know that the EURAXESS TOP III project is a EURAXESS project, aimed to improve, strenghten, enhance the entire network in all its diversity and developments.

A lot of really exciting stuff is done within the scope of this project! So much in fact, that it is a little overwhelming when you are presented with the project all at once.

This website aims to give you a bit of a clue on what the project is about and hopefully entice you to read up on it a little more, for example on the EURAXESS extranet. If it could inspire you in some way, that would be really great.

This website does not have the ambition to report on the progress of the project, or inform on dates of activites and outcomes. It’s only aim is to explain in a nutshell what this complex and inspiring project is about.

This site will not be updated. So if you want to keep abreast with the developments, please turn to your BHO, to the project participants or the EURAXESS extranet.