About this site

EURAXESS is an inspiring and effective network, aiming to make Europe more attractive for international researchers through providing them with clear information on funding, jobs and administrative procedures in all European countries. If you want to know more about EURAXESS, check out www.euraxess.eu, where you can find a lot of information on what EURAXESS does.

If you want to have more detailed information, please use the EURAXESS extranet to find out how you can contact the involved EURAXESS centre. The aim of this website is not to answer all your detailed questions, or to provide support. All I hope to achieve here, is an overview of what the TOP III and TOP IV projects are about.

Go to Tips on reading this website to get some background on the website structure.

This website is an initiative by EURAXESS Netherlands. However it can not replace any official statements and it has no formal status.

If important information is missing or if we made more mistakes than you can handle, please let us know. (We will try to change it, add it, delete it, or modify it in any other way required)