Tips on reading this site

On this site general information is given on the EURAXESS TOP III and TOP IV project, in order for all EURAXESS members to understand what the projects are about and what is in it for you.

Three entries on the content

the projects are quite large, cover a lot of topics and produce a lot of outcomes. So what is the best way of learning more about the projects? Three entries are provided, which open up the project from a different angle: generic topics, specific tasks, defined outcomes.

1. Description of the topics covered in this project

2. Description of the workpackages and tasks

3. Description on the benefits of this project.

They are of course closely linked to each other, and only provide a different angle.

Use the dropdown menus at the top of the page to navigate through the two projects and their descriptions.

Want to hear more about a specific task?

The EURAXESS TOP projects are divided in workpackages and tasks. Each task has a coordinator responsible for the work. The work is organised in such manner that the benefits will come available to the rest of the Network. There are several ways they can do so: through feeding in best practices into the EURAXESS Handbook, or other document which will be made available. Through organising training sessions and meetings. If you are interested in a specific task, or benefit you could contact your BHO to hear more about it. Also the coordinators of the task might be able to answer your question, or provide you with information on where the task stands.

The full name of the participating organisation is listed. As this is a publicly accessible site, no persons are named, just the organisation. Through the EURAXESS Extranet you can find contact details of people within that organisation. They will surely tell you who of that organisation is in charge of that task.

What does that abbreviation or term mean?

A terminology list has been set up to help you understand the used jargon. If a term is missing, let us know and we can add it. Also here a list is given of projects running now or in the past, with a short description of what it is/was about.