TOP III is a EC funded project which is about the enhancing of the EURAXESS network.

EURAXESS is a European network active in 40 countries, which aims to improve the European Research Area (ERA) through making it easier for international research talent to move to and in between European countries. The idea is that internationally mobile researchers should be able to follow their talent to and across Europe, without (too much) hassle (paperwork/untransparent procedures). This network started around 2002. It is growing, developing and gaining importance. (

So basically TOP III is to help this EURAXESS network to adapt to new challenges, and to allow it to professionalise.

EURAXESS TOP III is a project acronym for ‘enhancing The Outreach and effectiveness of the euraxess network Partners’. EURAXESS TOP I and EURAXESS TOP II preceded this current project.


TOP III in a nutshell

Here you can find some basic information about the project


The enhancement of the EURAXESS network covers many topics. Here you can find out which of these topics are interesting to you and your organisation.


Find out what the outcomes are of the project, and What’s in it for you.

Workpackages explained

The project is divided in workpackages and tasks, which all have their own number. In day to day project-speak these workpackage and task numbers are often referred to. Here you can find out what they are about.


There is a lot of project-speak, only readily understood by actively involved EURAXESS members. Here you might find out what those terms and abbreviations mean. (If some term is missing on this list, please let me know. I’ll gladly add it to the list.)