Whether you are participating in TOP III or not, I am sure there are outcomes available to you through this project which will benefit you. As this TOP III project is to enhance the entire EURAXESS Network, there are several benefits available. Some might be more interesting to you than other, depending on the focus of your organisation.

EURAXESS Handbook (1 available)

Have you visited the EURAXESS Quick Start Guide for Newcomers yet? It really is filled with inspiring information. It has been around for many years and is now profoundly updated. It is written by EURAXESS Members, for EURAXESS Members, to share knowledge and best practices. As the title suggests, it is especially useful for newcomers to the network.

Update of EURAXESS Handbook
The EURAXESS Handbook is updated with relevant practises and new knowledge, for example on the provision of Career Development Services. (WP 4.5)
Available: online at the European EURAXESS portal (EURAXESS Extranet login required)

Career Counseling and/or (Research) Competencies Development (10 in total)

(10 benefits available )

Are you interested in setting up or extending career development services to your (international) researchers? This topic has a lot of attention in TOPIII. Many concrete tools will be delivered on this topic. Maybe just what you where looking for as well.

10 benefits available. Read more about these benefits

Welcoming culture (1 available)

Train the trainer workshop to act as agents of change on welcoming culture
Raising awareness of host institution staff to encourage a welcoming attitute towards international guests. Integration is a two-way process. Also the non-mobile staff needs to adapt in order to make international mobility to your institution a success. Trainings will be organised during TOP III training event and EURAXESS biannual Conference in 2017. (WP 4.4)
Targetgroup: host institutions who do not yet receive many international researchers.
Available: projectmonth 22 (June 2017)

Gender equality and diversity (2 in total)

Tools and measures  on diversity management with the focus on gender diversification. (WP 4.3)
Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)

Online intercultural competence manager
will be developed and tested (T 4.4).
Available on the EURAXESS extranet

EURAXESS portals (4 in total)

During the duration of the project the European and national EURAXESS portals will be changed completely. This is a process apart from TOP III which is initiated by the EC. As the portal is a crucial medium for Euraxess and as the change to a new website design is quite an undertaking, within TOP III a lot of attention is focussed on the portal.

4 benefits available. Read more about these benefits

Promotion, networking and visibility (4 in total)

The visibility of EURAXESS is a difficult issue. For years a lot has been done to improve the awareness of this Network and its Services, but still many stakeholders and researchers are not yet aware of it. A lot has already been developed and written for increasing the quantity and quality of promotion of EURAXESS. This will again receive attention. Another way to improve visibility, is by investing in strategic partnerships with other networks. This will receive attention as well.

4 benefits available. Read more about these benefits

Capacity Building of EURAXESS network staff (6 in total)

Part of the strenght of the EURAXESS network lies in the opportunity to gain knowledge from each other. Thru sharing our experiences, receiving trainings on topics we are interested in, and to be inspired by what others are doing, the network gains strength. TOP III facilitates this need and desire of EURAXES Centres to exchange experience and knowlegde.

7 benefits available. Read more about these benefits

Support for national tailormade approach (5 in total)

Network Call
Each national network has it’s own challenges and opportunities. An effective way to improve at this level is by being provided the choice and the means on how to develop yourselves. This is the background against which the Network Call is developed. Maybe in your national situation the producing of promotion materials are very important, or the revamping of the national portal needs all the attention and funding it can get. Maybe knowledge exchange through one of the capacity buildings options is especially interesting to your network. The BHO’s need to hand in the national’s Network Call Application.

Study visits, mentoring program and inviting an expert are also tailormade options available to EURAXESS Centres locally. They are discussed under the heading Capacity Building.

Recommendations for vertical networking to improve the service
To identify which stakeholders, partners, organizations, players are available in your national workfield, and how to use them through networking, in order to improve your impact. (WP 8.2)
Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)

Quality, identity and strategy (3 in total)

Mapping exercise tool to help improve impact
An online tool is developed aimed at learning how to decide, what to do, what to develop and what to prioritize. This can be used to develop new services, but also to improve old services or products, or to change course due to a new prioritization.
Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required): The EURAXESS Services Dimensioning Toolkit and Concept paper on the future of EURAXESS services and advanced service concepts (RCN) (WP 8.1)

Quality system developed
To develop a quality assessment within the EURAXESS Network in order to support the professional development and coherent data collection. This will be the content of a training session, a benchmarking will be delivered and relevant statistics will be collected (WP 8.4) Available: unknown.

Strategy document for whole EURAXESS Network: EURAXESS 2020
Available: projectmonth 36

Full list of outcomes useful for the broader network

D2.1 Euraxess Career Planning Handbook (RPF) (online in August 2018)
D2.2  Talent Development Suite (ETH) Available online
D2.3 Modules on dual careers and integration services (UCPH) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D2.4 Report on twinning and networking schemes for researchers (SSC AVCR) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required) + posters: Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D3.1 Comparative analysis of the state-of-the-art with recommendations (CRUI) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D3.2 Guidelines for setting up CDCs. (IUA) Download the report here: D3.2 The EURAXESS Career Development Service Model Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D3.3 Set of tools for CDCs (BC) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D3.5 Recommendation for setting up EURAXESS CDCs (BIU)  Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D4.1. Recommendations about EURAXESS portal content for third countries (FECYT) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D4.2 Guide on mobilising the local resources to remove the mobility obstacles (OeAD) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D4.3 Diversity management guide for EURAXESS network (ULg) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D4.5 On-line intercultural competence manager tool (SU) Available on the EURAXESS extranet
D4.6 Updated version of the on-line EURAXESS Handbook (CERTH) Available on the EURAXESS extranet
D5.1 Report on RRI actions relevant for the EURAXESS initiative (FECYT) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D5.3 Report on R1 and R2 career support resources (IKT-LAB)
D5.4 Report on novel international mobility resources (IKT-LAB) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D5.5 Linked-In strategy for EURAXESS national networks (UNIBL) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D6.5 Report on Promotional Activities (SAIA)
D7.3 Report SWOT analysis of network to define who to collaborate with – Extranet library ‘EURAXESS SWOT analysis (NUFFIC)
D7.5 Report on the outcomes of the networking workshops (BIU) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D8.1 Concept paper on future EURAXESS services and advanced service concepts (RCN) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D8.2 Models for vertical capacity building (IPPT PAN) Available for download (EURAXESS extranet login required)
D8.5 The EURAXESS 2020 Development Framework (ETH)