General terms used in EURAXESS and, or in TOP III

Beneficiary  – EURAXESS BHO or centre appointed by the BHO who have signed the grant agreement and thus participates actively in this TOP III project.
BHO  – Bridge Head Organisation – the coordinating organisation of the national EURAXESS network.
CDC  – Career Development Centre
EURAXESS Links Officers  – EURAXESS members who are located in non European countries where interesting research takes place and with a varied research community
EURAXESS TOP III  – EURAXESS TOP III – project acronym. Full name is Making European research careers more attractive by developing new services and enhancing the current services of the EURAXESS network – EURAXESS TOP III.
Portal Administrator (PA)  –  national contact person in charge of the national EURAXESS website.
Task  – A smaller unit of work within a workpackage.
Taskleader  – The coordinator of that task.
Linked third partners  – EURAXESS Centre who has not signed the Grant Agreement but who will support the project and contribute to its activities although not officially a member of the consortium.
Workpackage (WP)  – The main themes in which the project is subdivided. Each theme has a coordinator and several tasks related to that theme.
Workpackage leader  – The coordinator of that workpackage.


EURAXESS projects

There have been many EURAXESS projects in the past, and a few are now running alongside TOP III. Here many are named. If one is missing, or a description can be clearer, please let me know.

AMBER  – EURAXESS project which focused on encouraging the mobility flows between Europe and Latin America
EURAXIND  – EURAXESS project about improving intersectoral mobility of researchers.
PIPERS  – EURAXESS project: Policy in Practice – EURAXESS Researchers Skills for Career Development
REFLEX –  Responsive and Flexible Career Development Framework for Researchers. Find out more about the project at www.euraxess-reflex.eu