TOPics addressed in TOP III

The aim of the EURAXESS TOP III is threefold:

  1. Capacity building and quality maintenance:
    Strengthen and consolidate the overall work of EURAXESS network members, assuring that the level of existing services is consistent and high.
  2. Continuation of activities:
    Build on the results of the former EURAXESS projects and ensure the continuity and take-up of services and products provided therein by the whole EURAXESS network.
  3. New services:
    To develop and offer new services.

In order to achieve these aims, work needs to be done in several areas, or topics.
A total of 9 topics can be defined from the TOPIII project. Here the topics are described in general terms.

1. Capacity building of EURAXESS members

EURAXESS Members can gain knowledge through

  • training, there will be three training events organised for a total of x participants. (WP6)
  • finding a mentor within the network, a mentor program is set up, where EURAXESS Centres who are looking for gaining certain skills or knowledge, can ask for another EURAXESS Centre with those skills or that knowledge, to mentor them. Sometimes some costs can be paid from the Network Call. (WP6)
  • study visits, members from EURAXESS can visit EURAXESS centres in other countries. This can be done on an individual basis, where you have to find your own match, or you can join one of the Group Study Visit Offers, which are posted on the extranet. Sometimes some costs can be paid from the Network Call. (WP6)
  • EURAXESS handbook, this handbook is filled with useful information about the network. about the organisation of the network in the different countries, and about a lot of hands on topics a EURAXESS centre will come across in their daily work. It provides templates, best practises and guidelines. Within TOPIII it will again be updated. (WP 4.5)
  • EURAXESS Conference 2017, this conference is organised by the European Commission. However the content of the conference is put together in close collaboration with TOP III. (WP6)

2. Career development services

next to providing information on administrative procedures, job offers and funding, it becomes increasingly interesting for international researchers to also receive guidance on their career development.
Within TOPIII a team will look closer into what EURAXESS can offer international researchers in the different stages of their research career.(WP2)
In order to provide services on career development many EURAXESS members still have to bridge a knowledge gap. This will also be addressed in the project. (WP3)

3. Creating positive attitude towards international researchers

Not all research environments are very positive and welcoming to international researchers yet. EURAXESS members can be a change agent in such situations. (WP4)

4. Improving networking

EURAXESS is a broad network and is great in networking amongst itself. However we have not yet bridged structural networking to other partnering networks. This has had attention in the past, but we have not yet achieved all the goals we would like to achieve. (WP7)

5. Improving online service

the new EURAXESS website will be launched during TOP III. For national networks this means they have to rebuilt their national website as well. There will be support for this effort, money can be obtained from the Network Call, and the quality of the outcomes will be checked, as it is desirable that the new EURAXESS sites will be attractive, clear and at least filled with the basic information. (WP5)

Furthermore an online tool will be set up to help the capacity building of EURAXESS network members. An online training tool. (WP 5)

6. National EURAXESS development

Each national network has its own characteristics, surrounding, and needs. With the Network Call there is funding available for each BHO, to take on the challenges they want to tackle. There is limited funding per country (up to 20.000 euro) for a wide range of activities such as promotion, study visits, travel costs to the different events like PA meetings and trainings, work on the portal and national networking. If you want to find out more about your national Network Call project, contact your BHO. (WP 7)

7. Promotion of EURAXESS

Raising more awareness on the EURAXESS network and its services and activities within the researchers’ community, other relevant networks and stakeholders. (WP6.5)

8. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

RRI is a key principle based on the need to gear the innovation process towards societal needs. This principle will be fostered during the project, especially when working on the national websites and on new services. Setting a common base understanding to RRI principles within EURAXESS will be the key for a correct coordination and strategy of the tasks within this WP. (WP5.1)

9. Strategic issues – Towards EURAXESS 2020

EURAXESS used to be a network governed by the EC. They helped us setting it up, they financed the first period, and they had a leading role. Strategy was something the EC took main responsibility for. Nowadays the network is a lot more mature, settled. It can now work on strategic issues itself as well. Of course always together with the EC. This topic is about such strategic issues, like:

  • network diversification: not every Centre should provide the same services
  • knowledge transfer
  • quality development
  • impact assessment

A strategy document will be formulated, which should be carried by the network. (WP8)