Workpackages and tasks

TOP III consists of 8 workpackages en a total of 38 tasks. Each workpackage and task has its own leader – person who is responsible for the fulfilment of this task or workpackage. In order to have a broad view of the setup and content of the project, here they are explained. If you are interested in more details, please read the full version, which can easiest be requested at Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd.

Tip: if there is a workpackage or task which you think sounds interesting. Feel free to contact the organisation in charge of it. I am sure they are more than willing to share their ideas, their workplan and the progress they are making, with fellow EURAXESS members.

Workpackage 1 – Management

Aim of this workpackage is to facilitate all the processes within the project, in order to be successful.
WP leader: Bay Zoltan

Workpackage 2 – Career Management & Professional Development for EURAXESS

Aim: With the researcher at its centre this WP seeks to open the entrance for a multitude of ways to scale agility through three core lattice ways: careers, work and participation.
WP leader: ETH Zurich

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Workpackage 3 – Favourable environment for EURAXESS Career Development Services

Aim: to further diversify the services provided by the EURAXESS network through preparing the network for providing services related to the researcher’s  career development.
WP-leader: IPPT PAN

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Workpackage 4 – Researchers’ environment

Aim: to enhance the capacity of EURAXESS network members to improve the research environment to be more positive, more welcoming to mobile researchers.
Workpackage leader: SAIA

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Workpackage 5  – National portals in the light of RRI

Aim: to support the EURAXESS national portals community to foster the uptake of technical and content updates.
WP leader: FECYT

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Workpackage 6 – Capacity building and promotion

Aim: to contribute to the strenghtening and consolidating of the overall work of Network members’ staff, through (peer) learning. And to promote EURAXESS.
WP leader: AMEUP

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Workpackage 7 – EURAXESS Services Network Support

Aim: To organise the Network Call and to improve the structural partnerships with other networks.
Workpackage leader: CERTH

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Workpackage 8 – Towards EURAXESS 2020 – Network diversification, knowledge transfer, quality development and impact.

Aim: To work on all the relevant topics for EURAXESS on a more strategic level, resulting in a Network strategy on these issues.
Workpackage leader: RCN

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