Project duration 3 years (36 months):  1 September 2018 – 31 August 2021 

The group study visit offers are published on the extranet. All other items relevant for the timeline are presented below. 

General overview per project month (PM): 

Project Month (PM)   Date   Deliverable or Event 
PM 1    September  2018  kick-off meeting 
PM 2    October  2018  Network Call guidelines and application form 
PM 3    November  2018   
PM 4    December  2018  40 national training plans  
PM 5    January  2019   
PM 6    February  2019  Guidelines/digital handbook and training TOPIV partners 
PM 7    March  2019   
PM 8    April  2019  Guidelines for national portals improvement 
PM 9    May  2019   
PM 10    June  2019   
PM 11    July  2019   
PM 12    August  2019  Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Report   
PM 13    September  2019   
PM 14    October  2019   
PM 15    November  2019   
PM 16    December  2019  Easy-to-use Manual on scientific entrepreneurship 
PM 17    January 2020   
PM 18    February 2020   
PM 19    March 2020   
PM 20    April 2020  Online toolkit on the EURAXESS extranet on how to set up a mentoring programme for researchers in academia interested in industry 
    Recommendations on how to better integrate the EURAXESS newcomers 
PM 21    May 2020   
PM 22    June 2020  Guidelines and action plans to implement advanced services 
PM 23    July 2020   
PM 24    August 2020  Action Plan for the establishment of collaborations with relevant diaspora organizations 
    EURAXESS Virtual Assistant 
    EURAXESS Blog 
PM 25    September 2020   
PM 26    October 2020  Career development toolkit published  
    Report on Recommendations for developing EURAXESS communities of practice  
    Preparation and delivery of 6 regional trainings 
    A practical guide for acquiring and keeping the HR Excellence in Research logo 
PM 27    November 2020   
PM 28    December 2020   
PM 29    January 2021   
PM 30    February 2021  Portal Administrators  trainings (attendance sheets, report, online material) 
PM 31    March 2021   
PM 32    April 2021  Materials for awareness raising and a Policy workshop 
    Dual Career guidebook available 
    The EURAXESS Family Network: A training tool for the career and life fit of the international researcher and their family 
    Training on how to include diversity in the EURAXESS network 
    A modular structured training programme for the labor integration of refugees researchers 
    Report on the preparation and delivery of the Peer to Peer activities 
    Online database of centres of excellences in ERA on the EURAXESS portal 
    Report on the Mentoring Programme for third country researchers with recommendations for improvement 
    Analysis of the EURAXESS worldwide twinning initiative and recommendations for further expansion 
PM 33    May 2021   
PM 34    June 2021   
PM 35    July 2021   
PM 36    August 2021  Content Kits and online courses scientific entrepreneurship and inter-sectoral mobility 
    Euraxess Infographics and short promotional videos  
    Online and offline tool for quality assessment 
    Strategy document for EURAXESS towards 2030