TOPics addressed in TOP IV

The aim of  the EURAXESS TOP IV is threefold:

  1. Increasing the visibility of the Euraxess network;
  2. Widen and diversify career services for researchers in Europe;
  3. Increase the benefits from international mobility in research for the benefit of the European Research Area.

In order to achieve these aims, work needs to be done in several areas, or topics.
A total of 9 topics are defined in the TOP IV project. Below a general description of each of these topics.

1. Career Development

EURAXESS centres are assisted to develop a strategy for including or improving their Career Development services so that researchers can enhance their transferable skills and improve their career planning. (Work Package 2)

2. Social Integration

The Social Integration topic deals with aspects in the life of a researchers that are not directly linked to their work. Examples of these aspects are: Dual Career Services, the EURAXESS Family Network and managing of diversity (Work Package 3)

3. Inter-sectoral mobility

This topic will support EURAXESS centres in assisting researchers with finding work outside the academic sector. Broadening and enhancing of EURAXESS expertise on scientific entrepreneurship will also be included.  (Work Package 4)

4. Capacity building of EURAXESS members

Capacity building of the EURAXESS Network will provide a series of tailor-made and focused activities for the capacity building of  EURAXESS staff, based on the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and the the National Training Plans.  (Work Package 5)

5. Networks and Communication

This topic deals with the communication and promotion activities of the Euraxess network. It aims to strengthen the visibility and effectiveness of the EURAXESS network by communicating and promoting the activities and the services of the network to stakeholders in a more structural way. In  Work Package 6 (WP 6), Euraxess members will design and implement  an overall communication philosophy for the EURAXESS network. It supports Euraxess members to take up promotion activities themselves, and encourages long-lasting cooperation with selected partner networks. (WP 6)

6. Open the World

EURAXESS Open to the World will create a database of centres of excellence in the European Research Area (ERA) with the aim to attract third country researchers to Europe and to involve  the European Scientific Diasporas by brain circulation (sending and bringing back learned people) or by stimulating virtual collaboration. Mentoring programmes will be established within this Work Package (WP) with the goal to facilitate the integration of third country researchers in the ERA. A pilot experience of twinning between EURAXESS Worldwide and EURAXESS centres in Europe will also be set-up while an Action plan for collaboration of the EURAXESS with the scientific Diasporas and EURAXESS Worldwide Regional representatives will be formulated. The aim of this is to strengthen the role of Diasporas for a more effective collaboration, even from a distance, with relevant research and industrial actors in EU.  (Work Package 7)

7. Online information and services

Open EURAXESS Portals will provide better and more diverse online information and services on the Euraxess website. There will be practical support for the network with training, direct access to data and the development of a virtual assistant. The team working on this topic will provide cost-effective online promotional tools, data tools and online courses. All deliverables of TOP IV will be made available in an online friendly format. (Work Package 8)

8. Strategy or the Future of the EURAXESS Network

The team working on this topic  will investigate how the EURAXESS services should further develop itself and what steps need to be taken to implement the services diversification process successfully. Moreover, the team of this Work Package will focus on how to ensure this process will be inclusive. (Work Package 9)