Workpackages and tasks

The work of the TOPIV project has been subdivided into work packages and tasks. This structure makes it easier to achieve objectives and subdivide the work among all the different universities, government agencies and scientific councils that execute the work of the TOP IV project.  TOP VI consists of 9 work packages and 38 tasks. Each work package and task has its own leader – a person or organisation who is responsible for the fulfilment of this task. For each task the beneficiaries are also identified. Some task work with euraxess members, some with WP leaders en task managers and some with researchers directly.  Most tasks are open for Euraxess members to join and collaborate.

The work packages and tasks generally have the same themes as previous TOP projects and build on work done in past project cycles.

Below is a short description of every Work Package (WP) and its tasks.

Work Package 1 (WP 1) Project Management

This is a work package that operates on internal matters. The tasks and activities in this work package help to make Euraxess run smoothly and to ensure the work is being done on time. It also has a quality assurance element, to ensure the work done under TOP IV has high quality standards and adheres to European code of conduct and ethical standards.

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Work Package (WP) 2 Euraxess Career Development

In this work package, Euraxess members make tools that will help other Euraxess centres provide better career services. WP 2 will focus on supporting EURAXESS members on how to develop a strategy for their Career Development (CD) services, including development of a support buddy system. It will equip both the EURAXESS network and individual researchers with useful on-line tools helping and advising researchers in planning their individual career in different sectors. Finally, this WP will raise awareness among the EURAXESS and external community, including policy makers, on the importance of career development and available tools.

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Work Package (WP) 3 Social Integration Initiatives

The main aim of this WP will be to improve understanding among EURAXESS network member about the key role of the social integration of foreign researchers in European organizations. The team of this WP will focus on various topics such as Dual Career Services, the social life of the researchers and their families; managing diversity at EURAXESS organizations and the integration of refugee researchers (Science4Refugees initiative services). It will build on the results of former EURAXESS projects and on studies/evaluations of how to support the international researchers and their families better..

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Work Package (WP) 4: Engagement with Industry

This WP aims to support the EURAXESS community to have the necessary know-how and tools to develop new services oriented to a better connection between academia and industry. Specifically, the objectives of this work package will be:
• To develop the necessary know-how and expertise on how EURAXESS centres can offer mentoring programmes for researchers with an interest in industry. An “academia-industry mentoring toolkit” will be made and offered to EURAXESS Centres
• To develop a manual and relevant information on scientific entrepreneurship for EURAXESS centres.
• To have non-academic sectors as regular EURAXESS services clients, particularly by having EURAXESS Jobs portal widely used by industry to post their scientific positions.

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Work Package (WP) 5 Capacity Building of the EURAXESS Network

The objective of this WP is to further intensify the services provided by the EURAXESS network and to expand the recently developed new services with an emphasis on services for the non-mobile researchers on gender and diversity aspects. The WP 5 team will organise a series of dedicated, tailor-made and focused activities for the capacity building of the EURAXESS staff.

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Work Package 6 (WP 6) Network support and a comprehensive communication and cooperation strategy for EURAXESS

The Network Call aims to increase the funding base to enhance the level of services provided by the entire national network. These services will include promotion and capacity building activities. An overall communication strategy for the EURAXESS network on several levels will be designed and implemented. It consists of three parts that can be discriminated but not separated: communication, promotion and cooperation. The main goal is to strengthen the visibility, the internal cohesion and effectiveness of the EURAXESS network by communicating better, by promoting the activities and the services of the network to stakeholders in a more structural way.  


  • To define the content for and implement  a Network Call intended to support the EURAXESS network in implementing national level coordination activities;
  • To launch, execute and evaluate the Network Call;
  • To design, create support for and implement a comprehensive communication and cooperation strategy;
  • To enhance the attractiveness and raise the visibility and the impact of the EURAXESS network in the European Research Area. 

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Work Package 7 (WP 7) – EURAXESS Open to the World

The objectives of WP7 are: To reach a wider range of stakeholders from every sector (e.g. researchers in diaspora, large research associations) and to promote the EURAXESS portal and EURAXESS services close to centres of excellence, relevant initiatives and infrastructures in the ERA. To provide more, and fit-to-the-individual researcher, information on European institutions and expertise, and to better serve the communication worldwide. To contribute to a better alignment of communication between EURAXESS centres and EURAXESS Worldwide. The WP will use as a basis the results of previous projects.

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Work Package 8 (WP 8) – Open EURAXESS portals

The main objectives of WP 8 are to establish more diverse online information and services in the domains of researchers’ mobility, career development and industry collaboration. It will also provide a technical platform for integrating the EURAXESS portals with existing useful and relevant data and tools from the three domains above. The aim is to reduce the actual workload of the service centres, by enabling easier access to actual information and common user experience across national portals.

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Work Package 9 (WP 9) – Future of the EURAXESS Network


  • To facilitate the further evolution of the EURAXESS network by investigating how the EURAXESS services should further be developed and what steps need to be taken to implement services diversification (Task 9.1);
  • To ensure that this process will be inclusive and contribute to a balanced growth of the network (Task 9.2) and result in increased quality (Task 9.3).
  • To ensure that the further evolution of the network will contribute to strengthening of the long-term impact of the existing policies (Task 9.4) and respond to the new policy developments and emerging challenges (Task 9.5).

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Work Package 10 (WP10) – Ethics requirements

This work package sets out the ‘ethics requirements’ that the project must comply with. There are requirements for the participation of humans, such as fair selection. On data, so that all activities comply with protection of personal date legislation. There are also safety criteria that stipulate risk mitigation and minimisation obligations.

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