By who and for who

TOP III is for the whole EURAXESS network. That is the whole idea. The project aims to enhance the entire EURAXESS Network. Did you know that EURAXESS counts over a 1000 registered members and over 500 registered organizations? Nearly all EURAXESS countries participate in the project. As far as I know only Sweden is not a project partner. (please send me a note on if this is correct or not).

Most if not all the activities undertaken in the project are shaped in such a way that the outcomes of the tasks have a much wider outreach than just the participants in that task. This is part of the beauty of the project.

The sharing of the benefits is not only requested from the European Commission (as grant provider), but is also the overall aim of the project participants. Find out what the outcomes are: Benefits.

In order to give you a better idea on how this is organized, here you can read more on

As this website is an open source, no persons are named, only the organization they work for. If you are a EURAXESS member, you can easily find the right person through the contacts list on the EURAXESS Extranet once you know which organization to look for.